“This song is special because it almost never happened. I originally got these stems over a year ago. I asked Sages if she would let me mix one of her songs, I had no intention of making a “remix” or having her as a “featured artist”. I just wanted to see if I could make a mix she was happy with. A month later I was playing an ambient guitar set at one of my brothers art shows and Sages showed up with a very sad story. All of her new songs had been lost to a computer malfunction (thats what we call it in the industry), making my version of “All of my Heart” The only version to exist. I knew I had to save it from the void. I ended up throwing out the original mix and going to war once again. I wanted to make a lofi house banger that would make your pop tarts crumb. The result is what you have now. This song escaped death and ultimate obscurity. If this song can make it so can we. Be inspired and nod ya head.”